Address:55/61 Moo. 15 Bangsaotong Sub-District, Bangsaotong Distriet, Samutprakan Province, 10570

Phone: +62 (2)-136 -7361

Established: July, 2015

Contents of Business:Manufacture and sales of precision rubber Sealings, Gaskets, O-rings

KEF Thailand Factory inherits the technology and quality that KEF Corporation has cultivated over 50 years of experience.

Specialized in precision rubber O-rings, Gaskets, Sealings
  • Smallest size in production: ID 0.2mm C/S 0.05mm
  • High waterproof Minimizing parting lines
Specialist to develop materials to meet customer's needs.
  • Low friction Special elastomer was developed by KEF to enable for dynamic utilization.
  • Low outgassing KEF provides low outgassing micro seals for applications sensitive to volatile contamination. 
  • Chemical resistant KEF manufactures high performance, chemical resistant seals from our own extensive material databases.


We recommend local procurement in Thailand.

Reducing logistics cost
Relieving delivery concerns from overseas.
Flexibility and Adaptability to our customers.

Products & Materials
Call: 02-136-7361